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Beauty House By Ljudmila

Beauty House by Ljudmila, a renowned beauty salon and PMU artist for the past decade, sought a design revitalization with our expert creative team for – Photography, Website Development and creation of Educational Platform. Collaborating closely, we aimed to showcase Beauty House’s unique identity through personalized website solutions which brings in additional 500 clients. Our primary objective was to craft a space that seamlessly harmonized the salon’s rich tradition with the modern spirit of its discerning clientele.


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Beauty House by Ljudmila chose us to create their sleek website. We added a user-friendly Booking System, allowing clients to easily access information, check prices, and book their preferred artist hassle-free. Now, Beauty House is just a click away, offering a seamless online experience for every client.

Expanding Beauty House by Ljudmila’s horizons, we crafted a second website dedicated to her products, bringing in additional revenue streams. Through the Shopify application, Ljudmila now has a powerful tool to efficiently manage and track sales. This seamless integration not only enhances the overall shopping experience for customers but also provides Beauty House with a convenient way to monitor and optimize its online product offerings.

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Our efforts yielded remarkable results for Beauty House by Ljudmila, attracting over 1000 new clients every month. Notably, our streamlined shop website has simplified the purchasing process, allowing customers to buy products directly and effortlessly. This success not only expands Beauty House’s clientele but also establishes a user-friendly online shopping platform that contributes to the salon’s overall growth.