LuminSkin leads the charge in men’s skincare, offering premium solutions tailored to the modern gentleman. Our agency optimized their landing pages, ensuring a seamless user experience for every visitor. Through targeted Meta Ads, we expanded LuminSkin’s reach to discerning gentlemen worldwide. During the festive season, our strategic Christmas special ads generated over 10,000 orders in just three days, igniting LuminSkin’s growth and affirming its appeal to men everywhere.


Losing sales due to lack of conversions?

For months, Lumin faced the challenge of declining conversion rates, leaving them in need of a strategic approach to revitalize their online presence. With our expertise in A/B testing, we shed light on the problem areas and uncover opportunities to optimize their landing page for maximum impact.


What we have achieved?

  1. Sales and Revenue:

    • Increase monthly sales by 20% over the next quarter.
    • Achieve $X in revenue by the end of the year.
    • Improve average order value by 15% through upselling and cross-selling strategies.
  2. Customer Acquisition:

    • Acquire 1,000 new customers within the next six months.
    • Increase website traffic by 30% through organic and paid channels.
    • Grow email subscriber list by 25% through lead generation campaigns.
  3. Brand Awareness:

    • Increase social media following by 50% in the next year.
    • Generate X amount of impressions through PR and media coverage.
    • Improve brand recognition by 20% in target market through advertising campaigns.
  4. Customer Engagement and Retention:

    • Increase customer retention rate by 15% through loyalty programs and personalized communication.
    • Achieve a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of X by delivering exceptional customer service.
    • Increase customer engagement on social media by 25% through interactive content and community building.


Their achievements are notable: Their email marketing efforts yielded a 25% increase in open rates and a 30% boost in click-through rates. Through landing page enhancements, they achieved a 20% rise in conversion rates and a 15% reduction in bounce rates. Moreover, they successfully onboarded 100 new clients within six months, diversifying their client base and elevating satisfaction and retention.

Crafting intricate brand narratives for lasting and meaningful impact.

Crafting intricate brand narratives for lasting and meaningful impact.

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