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Our Agency’s Digital Marketing Strategy: Skyrocket Your Sales with Expert Campaigns and Influencer Collaborations

At our agency, we don’t just set up campaigns; we engineer success stories backed by data and creativity. Here’s how we elevate your brand:


🚀 Strategic Roadmap for Growth: We prioritize your growth by meticulously crafting a roadmap tailored to exploit high-potential digital avenues. Whether it’s on a monthly or weekly basis, our strategies position your brand as a leader in the market, driving innovation and thought leadership.


🎯 End-to-End Campaign Management: From inception to execution, we handle every aspect of your campaign. This includes data research, compelling copywriting, stunning design, professional video production, out-of-home advertising, development, captivating stunts, and even product development if needed. We ensure seamless execution to deliver exceptional results.


📊 Audience-Centric Promotional Strategy: Understanding your audience is key. We dive deep into their engagement patterns to devise a comprehensive plan for maximum reach. By prioritizing media placements and backlinks that drive clicks, shares, and conversions, we ensure your message resonates with your target audience. Our meticulously curated seeding list identifies key targets for outreach, enhancing your campaign’s effectiveness.


🎬 Professional Influencer Collaborations: Our team includes skilled influencers ready to elevate your brand. We offer professional recording for ads, leveraging our network of influencers to amplify your message. This collaborative approach ensures your brand reaches new heights of visibility and engagement.


⚡ Agile Execution and Strong Relationships: We pride ourselves on agility, differentiation, and building strong relationships. Our reputation precedes us, with journalists recognizing us as a go-to source for compelling stories. When reaching out to media outlets, we know how to capture their attention and stand out from the crowd, ensuring your brand receives the spotlight it deserves.

Whether crafting an internal presentation or orchestrating a comprehensive rebranding initiative, our primary focus is creating solution-driven, visually captivating pieces in graphic design. Design is at the heart of everything we do.

What We Do

Why work with AD ASTRA for paid media?

Our goal is profitably first,
then scalable brand awareness.

AD ASTRA’s Acquisition team is dedicated to customer acquisition and enhancing brand visibility. We manage cross-channel campaigns for optimal ROAS and MER, aligning with your financial goals.

How we work

Gain real-time insight into the impact of paid social advertising on your bottom line.

Collaborate with our team to adapt strategies based on your most crucial business objectives.

We focus on maintaining and enhancing MER, basing our short and long-term plans on your actualized P&L.

All targets and pacing are informed by machine-learning projections from our data science team, ensuring accuracy and foresight.

Instagram and Facebook ads

Dominate Digital Advertising: Expert Instagram and Facebook Ad Management

Unlock the power of Instagram and Facebook ads with our comprehensive management services. From creation to optimization and analysis, we handle every aspect to ensure your ads achieve maximum conversion rates.

Harnessing the vast reach and targeting capabilities of these platforms, we craft compelling ad campaigns tailored to your specific goals and audience demographics. Our team expertly navigates the intricacies of ad formats, audience segmentation, and budget allocation to deliver high-converting results.

But our service doesn’t stop at launch. We continuously monitor and optimize your ads, tweaking variables to maximize performance and ROI. Through rigorous analysis of key metrics, we uncover insights to refine targeting, messaging, and creative elements, ensuring your ads remain effective and competitive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Partner with us to elevate your Instagram and Facebook advertising strategy and unlock unparalleled growth opportunities for your business. Let’s create, manage, optimize, and analyze your ads for unrivaled success.

Google Ads

Unleash Your Potential: Precision Google Ad Campaigns

Maximize your online presence and drive unparalleled growth with our precision Google Ads campaigns. Our expert team harnesses the full power of Google’s vast network to ensure your ads reach the right audience, at the right time, and in the right context.

From keyword research to ad creation and optimization, we meticulously craft campaigns tailored to your business objectives and target audience. With strategic bidding strategies and ad extensions, we elevate your visibility and drive qualified traffic to your website.

But we don’t stop there. We continuously analyze campaign performance, leveraging data insights to refine targeting, improve ad copy, and optimize budget allocation. With our comprehensive approach, your Google Ads campaigns are poised for success, delivering maximum ROI and propelling your business to new heights.

Partner with us to unleash the full potential of Google Ads and take your online advertising to the next level. Let’s ignite growth and achieve remarkable results together.

TikTok Ads

Brand on TikTok: Exclusive Advertising Expertise in the Balkans

Stand out in the vibrant world of TikTok with our exclusive advertising expertise, making waves as the only agency in the Balkans dedicated to TikTok ads. Harnessing the unparalleled creativity and engagement of this dynamic platform, we propel your brand to the forefront of the latest social media trends.

From captivating video content to strategic campaign management, we craft TikTok ad campaigns that captivate audiences and drive results. Our team leverages TikTok’s innovative ad formats and targeting capabilities to connect with your ideal customers and spark meaningful engagement.

As pioneers in TikTok advertising in the Balkans, we bring a wealth of experience and insights to every campaign. Whether it’s raising brand awareness, driving app installs, or generating leads, we tailor our approach to your unique goals and audience demographics.

With our meticulous campaign optimization and performance analysis, we ensure your TikTok ads deliver maximum impact and ROI. Join us at the forefront of TikTok advertising in the Balkans and unleash the full potential of this exciting platform for your brand. Let’s make waves together and ignite growth like never before.

Thinking about optimizing your campaigns and make your business profitable?

All prospective clients go through a discovery call before receiving a proposal. We then onboard a senior team that implements quick wins while prioritizing larger, quarterly KPI’s based on realistic growth.