Who am I? -

As an MBA graduate and single father, I’ve embarked on a journey marked by bold exploration and diverse experiences. My path has taken me through various roles, including working as a marketing executive for Fortune 5000 companies, where I honed my skills in strategic communication and brand promotion. Alongside this, I’ve excelled in sales, leveraging my ability to connect with clients and drive business growth.

From the intricacies of fashion design to collaborating with photographers, videographers, models, and creatives, I’ve immersed myself in different industries. My adventurous spirit has led me to solo travel around the globe, where I’ve encountered new cultures and perspectives.

Throughout my travels, I discovered the transformative power of retreats, leading me to co-create a business focused on fostering growth and connection. Along the way, I’ve had the privilege of engaging with coaches, leaders, and fellow dreamers, all united by a shared desire to authentically express themselves and make a meaningful impact.


We are determined to revolutionize the industry, aiming not only to meet but to exceed expectations every step of the way.

With his agency, “AD ASTRA,” meaning “shoot to the stars,” he strives to elevate brands to new heights.

Mission is clear: to make his clients shine and stand out among the competition. Through “AD ASTRA,” he helps businesses reveal their authentic personality and unleash their full potential. Let “AD ASTRA” be the guiding light on your path to success.

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Having spent several years working across various companies and industries, our team has amassed a wealth of experience and expertise.

Now, united under the banner of AD ASTRA, we are more determined than ever to harness our collective talents to elevate your brand to new heights. Drawing from our diverse backgrounds and skill sets, we are committed to guiding your brand on a trajectory towards success. With meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication, we navigate the complexities of marketing, design, and strategy to ensure that your brand shines brightly among its competitors. Together, we are poised to lead your brand on an exhilarating journey to the stars, where it truly belongs.

Let us be the catalysts of your brand’s enchanting journey to success.